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What is SmartShamba

A platform that help farmers to cheaply access vital information and farming services at any place. Using the system farmers are able to use a device to measure the soil pH and instantly receive results in his or her mobile, also the system provide advice and all important accurate information to help farmer in making correct decisions in their activities since they have made many of these decisions based on their own experience. Using the accurate information provided will help to take guesswork out of farming by showing what exactly will work and what won’t.


Agriculture is a backbone of Tanzanian economy where by most of it’s activities are  done in small farms, about 85%-90% of land is cultivated by small scale farmers (local farmers).

Declining productivity of the land due to the use of previous experience and traditional farming in their daily cultivation has been major problem to local farmers.

More to that lack of vital information and high technology in farming has caused many of them to remain subsistence farmers while living in extremely poverty.